Visitors' rules

1. After purchasing an entrance ticket, you have the right to visit Castle Wernigerode once during the opening hours on the purchase date.

2. You are entering a historical building and terrain. Therefore, you must expect irregular paths, stairs and hallways as well as sudden steps and edges in the floor and ground. The areas may be irregularly lit. The parquets and other floors are regularly polished and therefore smooth. For reasons of monument protection and preservation of the historical situations, not all danger areas can be blocked off, corded off or secured by railings. Therefore, special caution is required on the entire premises of the castle and in the building.

3. In the interest of your own safety, it is strictly forbidden to climb onto any walls or balustrades.

4. Please understand that you cannot take animals through the museum rooms and that animals therefore must not be taken along into the exhibition rooms. There is a place to leash dogs. A water bowl is provided for them. If you have any questions about this, talk to our employees at the cash desk. Bulky objects and sticks also must not be taken into the historical rooms. The only exceptions are walking aids without metal tips. Prams must not be taken along into the castle for the above reasons and must be left in the museum store.

5. Please observe the fire protection rules provided to you! Escape routes are marked.

6. Eating and drinking in the exhibition rooms is not permitted.

7. In the interest of preservation, it is not permitted to touch the exhibits.

8. Always obey the instructions of the supervisors and the employees of Schloß Wernigerode® GmbH.

9. It is strictly forbidden to take photos or record film in the entire museum area (except for the inner yard).

10. Please understand if someone approaches you in connection with theft or damage.

11. By purchasing a ticket, you accept the general terms and conditions of Schloß Wernigerode®. These visitor rules apply to the entire castle premises, including the large open terrace wine terrace, accesses and the entire building of the Wernigerode castle.

Schloß Wernigerode® GmbH
The managing director