General terms and conditions

Schloß Wernigerode Verwaltungs- und Betriebsgesellschaft mbH

As of 25 January 2013

§ 1
The contract is entered into by the order confirmation from Schloß Wernigerode GmbH - hereinafter: "Castle" - with the customer (confirmation of the event, etc.). Only these terms and conditions shall be part of the contract. Any business terms of the customer are not accepted. They shall apply to all services of the castle, specifically for renting out rooms to groups and individuals, group tours (tourist groups, etc.) and individual visitors. The contract shall enter into effect when Castle's written confirmation is provided to the customer together with these terms and conditions.

The same shall apply to purchase of an admission ticket. Oral confirmations shall also be valid when these terms and conditions are available to the customer. Contracts concluded online and by email shall be valid where orders have been triggered via Castle's website.

§ 2
The admission prices to Castle Wernigerode without a guided tour are:
Adult/pensioner 7,00 €
Person eligible for discount 6,00 €
Children aged 6 - 14 3,50 €
Family ticket 17,50 €
Fairy-tale princess booking 50.00 €
Guided tours by our employees are subject to an admission fee surcharge of 2.00 EUR (for tours in foreign languages a surcharge of 3.00 EUR) per person. Groups of less than 10 persons are asked to use the audio guide we provide. Note that eventing tours (this means any tours after the castle closes, i.e. after 6 PM in the summer season and after 5 PM on weekdays in the winter season, after 6 PM on holidays, Saturdays and Sundays) are subject to a minimum fee of 170.00 EUR (costume tour 170.00 Euro), no matter the group size. If the number of visitors is higher, the price of 10.00 EUR/12.00 Euro as of 10 PM (costume tour: additional compensation of 25 €) shall apply. The following prices shall apply to renting and leasing of rooms:

- Smokers' salon (max. 20 persons)
one evening event - 300.00 EUR
- Hall (up to 60 persons)
one evening event - 600.00 EUR
- Billiard room
one evening event - 130.00 EUR
- Feast hall (max. 80 persons)
one evening event - 3,000.00 EUR
- Weddings in the castle church - 300.00 EUR
Horse-drawn carriage - 220.00 to 250.00 EUR (depending on provider)
- Evening tours 10.00 EUR/p.p. – starting at 10 PM 12.00 EUR p./p., minimum flat-rate 170.00 EUR
- Evening tours in historical costumes
10.00 EUR p./p. – starting at 10 PM 12.00 EUR p./p., minimum flat-rate 170.00 EUR + 25.00 € flat-rate for costume
- Guided tours to the castle tower and visiting the approx. 800-years-old vaults (booking not required)
Surcharge to the admission fee 2.00 EUR
- Inner yard – 1,000.00 EUR
- Large open terrace - 1,000.00 EUR
- Smokers' salon for civil wedding – 175.00 EUR

When renting rooms, the castle will provide a supervisor who will be charged separately at 15.00 EUR per hour by the lessor. The visitors' rules of Castle Wernigerode are a binding part of these terms and conditions.

§ 3
The customer may withdraw from any service contracts within 14 days of conclusion of the contract. Castle reserves charging damages at 40 percent of the invoiced amount. Individual day visitors accept the terms and conditions by buying their admission ticket. Purchased admission tickets will only be taken back in exceptional justified cases. Any return of admission fees exceeding such decisions is excluded.

§ 4
Changes to booked group tours (times, number of persons, etc.) must be reported to the respective employees of the castle without delay. Invoicing shall be based on the actual number of persons.

§ 5
In cases of force majeure (fire, strike, storm, etc.) or other obstacles for which Castle is not at fault, in particular those that are outside of the scope of influence of Castle, Castle reserves the right to withdraw from the contract without the customer being due any claims, e.g. to damages.

§ 6
Full recourse against the customer/visitor shall be taken if there is any damage or loss of any kind during the term of the contract (restoration costs must be paid no matter the value), unless the damage is subject to the responsibility of Castle or caused by a third party and the third party actually pays compensation, which the customer shall be required to prove.

§ 7
The customer must procure any authority permits required for an event at his own expense in time. He shall be responsible for complying with public-law requirements and other provisions. Fees to third parties that must be paid for the event, in particular GEMA fees, entertainment tax, etc., shall be paid directly to the creditor by the customer.

§ 8
Where Castle procures any technical or other facilities for the customer, it shall act in the name and for the account of the customer; he shall be liable for careful treatment and proper return of the facilities and shall release Castle from any third-party claims regarding provision.

§ 9
Invoices shall be payable at once without deduction according to invoicing. A dunning fee of 5.00 EUR shall be due for any dunning after default occurs.

§ 10
Deviating agreements or side agreements shall require written form to be valid. If individual provisions of the contract - including these terms and conditions - are invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. The parties shall replace the invalid provisions without delay by such provisions that come as close to the purpose of the invalid provisions as possible.

§ 11
The place of performance for both parties shall be the location of Castle. The place of jurisdiction for commercial transactions shall be Wernigerode.